Vivendex, 2015
Office 1, Wood Wood
Author Javier J. Iniesta
Client Vivendex
Location Vallvidrera
m2 45
Builder Construccions i Gestions 32
Photographer Jose Hevia
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Our client comes from a white, flat and orthogonal minimalist space. This project seeks a deliberate break with this image and presents an oblique color space, grainy and noisy. Instead of obeying the local lining the walls, the project draws a line that zigzags around the perimeter. It is a thick line that, with its comings and goings, generates three types of situations produced with three different technologies: imaginary places across the wall –mirror-, places of equipment work - drywall- and jointed storage sites –wood-. In addition, this zigzag turns 30 degrees the spatial order. Furniture is placed following this overlapping order that disobeys line facade and perimeter walls, resulting in a markedly diagonal space, endless, which do not work three but dozens of people.