Private, 2019
Restricted Competition, Very Long Table
Author Javier J. Iniesta
Collaborator Marta Muñoz
Client Private
Location Barcelona
m2 2000
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Very Long Table reformulates office work protocols. It aims to foster the relationship between the various actors involved in a company through a dynamic distribution that stimulates creativity and improves productivity. For this, it flees from the compartmentalization, but also from the landscape office, proposing a hybrid between the two that works with the furniture as a catalyst and generator of various environments between work and rest. The project is approached as a single environment capable of adapting to the needs of each department. A continuous table crosses the entire space, equipped with mobile devices that provide the possibility of visually and physically compartmentalizing the space when the program requires it. Very Long Table is a working way in which everything is connected: people, ideas and objects. The quality of these connections is the key to the generation of a good professional environment. The table is joined by devices that operate as catalysts for the various specific needs of both work and tangential to work: actions with a specific environmental requirement ... Color is also used as a device that not only qualifies a type of environment, but which helps to organize the work protocols of the company and to distribute and identify the different families. A workspace is a table ... and what happens around it.