Vivendex, 2016
Office 3, Blue Table
Author Javier J. Iniesta
Client Vivendex
Location Barcelona
m2 116
Builder Construccions i Gestions 32
Photographer Jose Hevia
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Blue Table is a project whose starting point is to rethink the working protocols of a real estate. The project focuses on building a common place for all the commercial agents involved in the operation of this type of company, which usually works in relatively watertight workplaces. The place is conditioned by building a large 'hairy' vessel that lines the preexistence and provides the comfort necessary to work. It acts like scene background for the 13 meters of length furniture, that lodges all the actions of the office. Within this new skin, the geometry and dimensions of this large piece of furniture are the result of the marked length and narrowness of the room, 16 meters long and only 3.5 meters wide. This is how it appears this 13-meter-long piece built with black MDF board, whose width and section is changing to accommodate the various programs required: reception, waiting, meetings, jobs and rest area. Thus, the furniture is at one end a bench where you sit while you wait and in the other a bar where you can have a coffee. A system of screens - which incorporate lighting - helps to distribute the largest area of the furniture, the work table.