Munich Sports, 2021
Store 15, Spectrum
Author Javier J. Iniesta
Collaborator Marina Benítez
Client Munich Sports
Location Igualada
m2 137
Builder Novodecor
Photographer José Hevia
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The existence of a big concrete column in the middle of the place directs the project towards working with the idea of the concentric and the centrifugal, intimately related to the movement and dynamism of the brand. We thus turn a handicap into the engine of the project. Spectrum follows the line of research in which we have been working in several stores of the brand, in which the use of a powerful graphic applied to the space is capable of generating a project close to an art installation, making the customer live an exceptional and memorable experience . The image generated is almost virtual, achieving an atmosphere that transports you to an unreal state. Technology and color are the hallmarks of the Munich brand. The project takes as a reference the spectrum of light that the colors generate, building a chromatic landscape that orders the different provisions of the product in the store thanks to the shades. In addition, moving around that pillar in the store is an experience in permanent change: depending on where you are, you perceive the space with a different color range.