Roca & BCD, 2011
Roca Soap
Author Javier J. Iniesta and Eli Cayuela
Client Roca & BCD
Location Barcelona
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Finalist in the International Competition Roca Mind the Gap

The imaginary world of the bathroom has been marked, from its first appearance in the fifteenth century, by the strong dominance of two untouchables factors: the requirement of durability and the use of traditional porcelain manufacturing. The Soap questions this starting point and focuses on the challenge of designing a new paradigm as a possible model of development. It proposes a radical way from precisely the opposite of this approach: why a sink is forever?   The Soap is a sink that demonstrates the need for constant changes of contemporary man. This new philosophy creates a new relationship between users and hygiene: buy The Soap allows you release a new sink every year. Then Roca begins a relationship 'for life' with the client, ensuring a continuous process of recreation of the piece that builds partnerships between brand, design, user and environment. It is important to explain that this is not an exercise in designing a piece, but a strategy. The geometry of the piece presented only illustrates a possible realization. This is a sink with sensory properties. You can choose your bathroom smell because there is a wide range of scented soaps. In addition, pigmentation and the degreeof transparency can radically change the appearance of the sink. Finally, several types of mold pieces endow different surface finishes.