Fundació Mies van der Rohe  , 2016
Author Javier J. Iniesta, Eli Cayuela, David Jimenez and M.Angeles Peñalver
Client Fundació Mies van der Rohe  
Location Barcelona
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When Mies designed the iron pillars for the Pavilion, sheathed with chromed steel plate. Disguising the pillars with elegant bright costumes that reflect what surrounds them. Later in the reconstruction of the pavilion, the pillars will again be 'disguised', this time with a stainless steel sheath.   Our intervention rebuilds the eight Ionic columns, once again as a cover; re-establish the pillars. So eight Ionic columns are eight different dresses that embrace each of the metallic pillars of the Pavilion.   The weight of the pavilion, its actual weight that forms the spatial dimensions, but also its historical weight, just squashing to get a very distorted image of reality that was once, losing its slimness while experiencing the crushing when submitting them modern architecture.