Oslo Arkitectur Triennale, 2015
Place of Placeness
Author Javier J. Iniesta, David Jimenez and M.Angeles Peñalver
Client Oslo Arkitectur Triennale
Location Oslo
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"We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" is a science fiction story that Philip K Dick wrote in 1966 and 1990 would be adapted into a film by Paul Verhoeven under the title of "Total Recall". It tells the story of a simple and ordinary man whose greatest desire is to visit Mars. Unable to afford it, he goes to a company that offers a service that restores this experience through implanted memories.   We understand that Airbnb proposal is close to this tale. What apparently seems a simple agreement between host and guest, actually is a positioning of a tourist who is opposed to conventional hiker "all included" package. This tourist is looking for a "real" experience. He wants to live the city as if he were truly a citizen of it, and that includes the feeling of domesticity at home. Place of Placeness is a reflection that, through the radicalization of this model, shows the logical, protocols, tangibles and intangibles that make it possible. The format of this reflection is an exciting futurible leading to limit the tourist experience, with the powerful slogan “Our life is your life”, an interpretation of Airbnb slogan “Our home is your home”.