Munich, 2015
Pop-up 3, Xanadu
Author Javier J. Iniesta
Client Munich
Location Madrid
m2 82
Builder La Tormenta Perfecta
Photographer Jose Hevia
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Xanadu is a place to expose shoes for a few months, caught in a local of any mall. It is a temporary space, but infinite; It is a place that refers to other sites and is a project that reflects its temporality in an alleged unreality. Xanadu is the decomposition of the X brand and is the zigzag cuts in the shoes' leather. It consists of many stairs that lead nowhere, arranged in a landscape that plays to confuse the visitor as it relates to the limits of space they inhabit. The walls and ceiling disappear, and mirrors expand the space by multiplying the stairs, generating new places to which access is impossible. It is a place that you discover as you walk. It is mainly diagonal and with a total absence of sound references as Xanadu is also furry: all surfaces are coated with carpet.