Lugupell, 2015
Stand 3, Money Money
Author Javier J. Iniesta and Eli Cayuela
Client Lugupell
Location Barcelona
m2 32
Builder Cartonlab
Photographer Jose Hevia
Adaptation 1 Madrid, 40 m2
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This company has an extensive catalog of purses and wallets. Money Money is a landscape that seeks to value each and every one of the models that make up the vast catalog of the brand in the noisy environment is a trade fair. Each purse is the most special; this premise happens to make a re-reading of the display systems the client had been using so far.   In addition, the stand should be easily adaptable to the different places it is going to be installed, so that what seems to be an indiscriminate mess is actually assembled from 12 modules, including four corners, perfectly fitted together thanks to a thorough study of the joint. On the other hand, the stand is made entirely of cardboard. Both requirements allow quick and easily assembling in many different ways.