Munich, 2018
Store 8, Meta
Author Javier J. Iniesta
Collaborator Claire Kelly
Client Munich
Location Barcelona
m2 52
Builder Novodecor
Photographer Jose Hevia
Adaptation 1 Tarragona, 110m²
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Meta is a store built entirely with plastic. Methacrylate is the star material of this project, and all the joints are made with chloroform. There is not a single screw in sight, so that the constructive detail is practically invisible. This ends up generating a liquid, milky atmosphere. The idea is based on a system that seeks the generation of a spatial identity exportable to different places. The image is undoubtedly a fundamental factor, but in this project it is not the starting point; the ease of adaptation, reproduction and assembly become the engine of the project, taking them to the limit and achieving that this assembly is reduced to a simple operation of dry assembly.