Munich, 2018
Store 11, Kaleydoskop
Author Javier J. Iniesta
Collaborator Claire Kelly
Client Munich
Location Sant Cugat
m2 45
Builder La Tormenta Perfecta
Photographer Jose Hevia
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Kaleidoscope is a commercial space that turns graphics into the spatial reference of the place. For this we have designed a graphic pattern that tries to represent some of the constants of the brand: the use of color and the work with the diagonal geometry of its logo. This graphic pattern based on diamonds is applied on all surfaces of the store, building a total space where it is difficult to distinguish floor, walls and ceiling: the space generated is kaleidoscopic, enveloping. Finally, some of the diamonds detach from the surface and become volumes that break the seriation and the flat feeling of the space, building some pieces such as the counter or the exhibitors.