Centro Cultural Conde Duque, 2019
2nd phase competition, #iseefaces
Author Anival (Studio Animal + Gonzalo del Val)
Collaborator Marta Mu├▒oz, Clara Casta├▒eda
Client Centro Cultural Conde Duque
Location Madrid
m2 55
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Try to see Conde Duque from the eyes of a child. Imagine its scale, now immense; Its materiality, its geometry. You will have to forget what a column is, what an arch is. You will discover then that Conde Duque is not an architecture. It will never be a building again. Conde Duque is now a landscape, a forest of gigantic trees. We propose a place within another place. An interior landscape that seeks to become a memorable experience for children. The forest of Conde Duque builds a space of repetition, almost like a palm grove, rhythmic and geometric. Our project takes advantage of this repetition to insert on it and break it. An exceptional element thus appears in this landscape, which in turn houses a surprising landscape inside. We can think of countless possible uses for this place. It will be a place where many things happen, to which children will want to return again and again. And every time it will be different. On the one hand, the geometry of the space with its four arms helps to order the program. On the other hand, soft forms solve the specificity of each action. This little Conde Duque is of course a place to play, but it is also a place where you can watch a movie, listen to a concert, dance and do gymnastics, attend a conference or a play, hear a story or enjoy a puppet show.