Feria Arco, 2021
Stand 8, Exit
Author Javier J. Iniesta, Gonzalo del Val, Toni Gelabert
Collaborator Marina Benítez
Client Feria Arco
Location Madrid
m2 1000
Photographer José Hevia
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The project develops a strategy based on three main criteria: safety, exhibition and exterior design. “SALIDA” reveals and normalizes the social distance established during the pandemic, celebrating how bodies relate and interact with each other in the public space that we have now internalised with the new measures that mark our encounters. The pavilion materialises this distance in a 3x3 metres grid that works as a beaconing of the interior of the VIP Room and defines the space where to meet and connect safely. The proposal utilises only elements related to the exhibiting and fair context: floorboard, chipboard walls and carpet. The pavilion repeats the constructive logic of the rest of the stands in the fair, willing to integrate itself as a new element within ARCO. The floorboard rises 60cm above ground level, generating a space enclosed by a continuous perimeter of 2,40 meters high. This elevated platform will help differentiate the VIP room from the other galleries. Besides, the prefabricated system of the floorboard provides an adaptable and flexible solution, giving order to the beaconing grid. The interior of the pavilion results in a huge abstract vase of 1000m2 carpeted in yellow. The pavilion crystalizes a collective desire after months of lockdown: the illusion of being outside. The design transports the visitor to an exterior landscape within the interior space of ARCO. A forest of 100 birch trees displays on the grid. These trees are the natural beacons which organize the visitors’ exchanges and build a fictional and ludic atmosphere. At the end of the fair, the forest will be planted on a new site. They will go back to the outside, ensuring that the waste of the pavilion’s construction and its ecological footprint are minimum. The birch forest will be able to grow outside this ephemeral context. Lastly, a huge sun crowns the space in a never-ending twilight, like a dream. “SALIDA” is an exterior design work that creates an atmosphere of being outside.