Kaiserslautern Council, 2013
Europan 12
Author Javier J. Iniesta, David Jimenez, M.Angeles Peñalver and Oriol Bordes
Client Kaiserslautern Council
Location Kaiserslautern
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Honorable Mention in Europan 12 International Competition

In an almost completely clogged space, world of roofs is the only one which will become "as built". At ground level the project transforms the existing paved floor making it disappear in 80 percent of the proposal to become a green platform that gradually colonize the place. Uncontrollably, various native species will confer to the site a wild character and will become one of the lungs of the city.   In the aerial view, there are two key actions: the housing program and elevated traffic. We work on a catalogue of factory spaces that identify the types of ships that we have on the site, characterized by the type of roof, its structure and the interest of their enclosure. Based on these typologies we design a strategy of colonization in each of them, which have in common a way to locate and the housing program: they fall from the deck structures and support only with thin piles on the ground to generate access; the objective is only parasitizing roof space; and they all have a temporary housing program for young researchers. These houses will be connected through a circuit that at certain points grow to generate common uses that complement the housing program.