Private, 2015
House 3, Blue Ribbon
Author Javier J. Iniesta and Eli Cayuela
Client Private
Location Barcelona
m2 78
Builder Lamas
Photographer Jose Hevia
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The blue ribbon is an element that slides through the domestic space and configures small corners. It is both furniture and architecture. Sometimes it is a floor, sometimes a bench, a bed or a wall. This band is generating places where different chained situations occur: a work area, a sunny winter dining room next to the window, a library to read that becomes a guest room thanks to curtains, a shelf to place collections, a small space for breakfast, a dressing room, a headboard and a bookshelf. This sequence works as a chroma that absorbs and records everyday life, a perimeter background that accommodates and arranges the dreams and fantasies of the inhabitants of the house over time.