Private, 2019
House 6, Blue Mirror
Author Javier J. Iniesta
Collaborator Oriol Reus and Claire Kelly
Client Private
Location Barcelona
m2 47
Builder Construccions i Gestions 32
Photographer Jose Hevia
Awards Shortlisted Fad Awards 2020
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The domestic interior has always been conditioned by the program in strict formulas of combination of kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathroom ... all of them in their corresponding isolated rooms connected by doors through corridors. In this small house the program is ambiguos, and it is arranged using only two elements: a broken central wall that is a large mirror, and a thick blue wall on one side, which brings together all the wet rooms and the storage of the house. The house is circled around the mirror, without apparent discontinuities; that way you find a bed, a table, a bookstore, a sofa, a kitchen ... The mirror is a device that interacts with the inhabitant permanently, generating distortions that are only perceptible by the rotation in the abstract grid of a lush hydraulic pavement.