Munich, 2014
Pop-up 1, Blue Board
Author Javier J. Iniesta and Eli Cayuela
Client Munich
Location Barcelona
m2 48
Builder Cartonlab
Photographer Albert MarĂ­n
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Awarded with Bronce LAUS in 45th edition of Laus Awards, in Graphics Applied to Spaces Category. Selected in Arquia/Proxima 2014.

BlueBoard starts with the challenge of building in five days a store that will remain open just three months; the awareness of being from the beginning an architecture with expiration date establishes the setting design of this store. It is a project of 2 mm thick. A thin layer of blue paper that is dropped on all surfaces and leaves space accommodating up to join them, creating a flat background color. This endless skin paper is marked with a linear grid that repeats over and over an X, the powerful brand logo; this hyper-graphic generate an abstract space where shoes are floating. It also extends through the window creating a modern colored stained glass that produces interesting effects overlay color and shade. It is from this triangular grid from which the furniture is generated.