Nu Hü New York, 2021
Store 16, Biombo
Author Javier J. Iniesta, Cartonlab
Collaborator Marina Benítez, Diana Fernández, Carlota de Elvira
Client Nu Hü New York
Location New York
m2 80
Builder -
Photographer Michael Vahrenwald
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Biombo is the dream of building a space with a single piece, with a single gesture. This temporary store posed the challenge of building a space that offered a memorable shopping experience and at the same time aroused environmental awareness in the visitor. The clothing collection that is presented is made up of basic but sophisticated garments, with a wide range of colors inspired by New York City, and 100% ecological. The project tries to transfer these values to the space: the store is built entirely with recycled cardboard, and uses the identity color range of the city with which the brand has been working. A folding and self-supporting cardboard element is designed, which once deployed in the premises distributes the space generating small spaces that order the collection on the sides, while offering a spatial experience playing with perspective: a sequence of identical porticoes zigzag to the bottom, and they are perforated from end to end, opening steps that decrease as you advance towards the bottom, generating not only a sequence of routes but also a visual impact from the street that becomes a powerful attractor for people of New York.